My family loves Art House 7. The studio is lovely and the boys feel like true artists when they are there—following their own inspirations, not working on predetermined, prepared projects. It is a unique place—children work with different materials and mediums under the guidance of caring, experienced instructors. Our family feels lucky to have Art House 7 in our community.

Virginia Quale

The small class size and fantastic instructor Miss Ashley provided for an exceptional experience for my daughter. None of the art projects were run-of-the-mill. There were many new concepts and all were accessible to her ability and creativity level.

Fraser Traverse

Art House 7 was a fun, exciting summer camp for my 11-year-old. She wanted to cancel all of her other camps and just keep coming to your art camp. Excellent and patient teachers, fun projects and great art supplies to work with. Loved the small size of the classrooms and the half-day camps.

Mona Thomas

Leila loved [summer] camp, she already asked to go back next summer!

Gaby Gergely

My daughter and I simply love Saturday morning Mommy and Me art class. It makes it so special that it is taught by a mother and a daughter. Such incredible bonding and learning time!

Beth Jameson

This was a really fun class [Painting and Sculpture]. I can’t name my favorite thing about it because I like everything!

Milo (age 7)

My daughter has loved every class [including “Mommy and Me”] and summer camp she took at Art House 7.

Elizabeth Haines

Both kids absolutely loved the [All Art 2-D] class—both Ms. Hendrix and the curriculum.

Irina Bartell