Birthday Parties

Let Art House 7 host your birthday party, and leave (most of) the work to us! Watch your guests participate in a fun art project, which will be theirs to take home. For more details or to schedule a party, please email us at or call us at 703-402-5017.

After you have set the date for your party, you can pay your $50 deposit here.

You can register and pay the deposit for your birthday party online, but please email or call us to make sure we have the date and details correct before registering. Please pay by check at the end of the party for the balance of the party. Thanks!

We offer a wide range of projects for your party, or you can request an art or craft project. Parties include  art materials and bottled water.  Gift bags,  available for $4 each, include a small hardbound sketchbook and pencil, along with an assortment of other items and candy.

1½-hour party:

  • $30/child.
  • minimum of 6 children, maximum of 12.
  • clay parties are $50 extra.

2-hour party:

  • $35/child.
  • minimum of 6 children, maximum of 12.
  • clay parties are $50 extra.

Here are the types of parties we offer:

  • ceramics
  • painting
  • polymer clay
  • felting
  • sewing

We can come to you for an extra fee of $25.
Tables and stools rental fee – $30

Parties usually run like this—the first hour, kids do an art project on the second floor. Then parents take them down to first floor for cake/food for 15 minutes. Then kids return upstairs to finish projects. (Polymer clay parties run a little differently—the cake break is after 45 minutes because of baking time).

Below are a few possible party themes. We also can work with you if your child has a specific interest or theme in mind. We have done parties with themes of frogs, dragons, aliens, unicorns, whales & starfish, bunnies…

1. American artist Wayne Theibaud first became known for his rich and intensely colored paintings of cakes and pies. He uses the placement of cool and warm colors to enhance the colors. Students will learn some of his techniques to paint something sweet.  All ages.
Wayne Theibaud painting of cake

2. Paint a swirly sky inspired by Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. All ages.

3. Look at Brazilian artist Romero Britto’s colorful Heart Paintings and then create one of your own. 4 yrs and up.

4. Look at American artist George Rodriquez’s blue dog  paintings and paint your own colorful dog. Second grade and up.

5. Learn about Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings, then paint your own flowers on canvas. Flowers provided for additional inspiration. (It is a beautiful party.) K and up.

6. Look at Canadian artist Ted Harrison’s layered landscape paintings. Students will use his technique to create perspective and make a colorful painting of their own. 2nd grade and up.
7. German Artist Paul Klee used geometric shapes to create architectural paintings. Students will use his technique to create castles or cityscapes of their own on canvas.

8. Make heart paintings inspired by American artist Jim Dine. All ages.

9. American artist Keith Haring made lively figure paintings. Students will be shown how to make simple figures and replicate them to make an energy filled painting.


10. Learn about Austrian painter Gustav Klimt’s tree of life painting series. And paint one with your own symbols and favorite colors. 3rd grade and up.
11. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama
 has become famous for her polk-a-dotted paintings and installations. Students will look at pictures of her work and technique and create a lively patterned painting of their own.

12. Look at American painter Georgia O’Keefe’s flower paintings. Paint from fresh flowers in the classroom, photographs or her paintings to create your own beautiful painting. 2nd grade and up.
Georgia O'Keefe painting
13. Paint a Winter Landscape on canvas. 2nd grade and up.

14. Learn about traditional Japanese painting of flowering trees and bamboo. Using ink, watercolor and acrylic – make your own Japanese style painting.  2nd grade and up.
cherry blossom painting

15. Students create their own ceramic food and glaze it. (It takes 2 weeks to get the work back to you). 1st grade and up.

16. Sculpt an animal (real or imagined) out of clay. (It takes 2 weeks to get the work back to you). 5 years and up.

17. Sculpt a Fairy House or  Gnome house out of clay.(It takes 2 weeks to get the work back to you).  2nd grade and up.

18. Make pendants out of polymer clay for necklaces or bracelets. All polymer clay projects are ready to take home on the day of party. 2nd grade and up.
19. Come learn the art of needle felting.
Students sculpt wool with a needle into animals. They can look at examples or come up with their own creations. 3rd grade and up.
Warning; the needles are extremely sharp, so children do need to be careful.