Come Into Our (Busy) Studio

At Art House 7, our students experiment with a wide range of art mediums and ideas, from a variety of teachers. Here are some of the creative and varied projects they have done in the past week or two.

Andy Warhol (artfully portrayed by teacher Joanna Edwards) made an appearance for our preschoolers, and the kids did some great projects using his iconic style.

Brittany Lawrence Root teaches our cartooning class, where kids learn to create their own cartoon characters.

In this preschool class, kids painted with Q-tips and their hands.

In our Gustav Klimt workshop, the paintings shimmered with gold. Teacher Amy West handed out Austrian cookies that kids dipped in cream. This was part of Klimt’s daily diet.

Kids worked on silhouette paintings during Ashley Hendrix’s 2-D Arts class, with either cool or warm colors in the background.

Kids also learned to silkscreen in Ms. Hendrix’s 3-D Arts class.

In Ms. Ashley’s Painting and Sculpture class, the students made some wonderfully colorful and fun characters.

And in Jane Coonce’s watercolor class for adults, students work from photos.

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