Girl Scout Badges

Let Art House 7 host your Girl Scout event. Your troop can earn drawing, painting, clay and jewelry badges. We can come to you or you can come to us. For more details or to schedule a party, please email us at or call us at  703-402-5017.

You can register and pay for your event online, but please email or call us to make sure we have the date and details correct before registering. If you haven’t paid before the event, please pay by check at the end of the event. Thanks! 

We offer a wide range of projects for your party, or you can request an art or craft project. Parties include  art materials, one teacher and one assistant(if needed).

1½-hour event: The art project will take an hour and you will have the studio for 30 minutes to finish your meeting.

  • $25/child
  • minimum of six children, maximum of 12
  • clay, polymer clay and sewing parties are $50 extra
  • if we come to you, it is an additional $25.

Please note: We have a small refrigerator and freezer.

Activities for badges:

1st grade and up 

kindergarten and up 

kindergarten and up 

Polymer clay pendant jewelry 
3rd grade and up 

Paper bead jewelry and metal stamping
3rd grade and up

Sewing project 
3rd grade and up 

Making books 4th and up