What’s up at Art House 7 – Dec. 8th . . .

Fun times at Art House 7 — Ashley Hendrix had her students hold paint brushes with their toes and paint. She was preparing them to loosen up to start painting in the style of Kandinksy.

All Art 2-D class

Elizabeth Ashley’s Fiber Arts class was working on batik painting on fabric.

Elizabeth Ashley and her daughter, Lauren Lachewitz, have been preparing for their holiday workshop being held on Sunday, Dec. 17. There is 1 spot left! You can see more info and register here.

This weekend our agenda includes a birthday party making polymer clay jewelry and a Girl Scout troop making ceramic holiday ornaments and small figures.

We are excited about our upcoming classes and workshops starting in January. We’ve added new teachers and new offerings. Students can now learn to draw, paint, sculpt, photograph, design on Photoshop, quilt, cartoon, block print and silkscreen all at our studio. We can’t wait to see what art is produced this winter!



Happenings at Art House 7 . . .

Every week, our students at Art House 7 receive instruction on creating a specific art project, often in a medium that is new to them. We give them the materials, the tools and the inspiration, sometimes by showing them examples from well-known artists. Here’s some of what we did last week:

Carson Herrington’s Painting and Sculpture class (Wednesday):
Students looked at the work of American Artist and filmmaker Joseph Cornell, famous for his shadow boxes (one is shown at right). Students created intricate, personal compositions in shadow boxes using smaller boxes, wood, drawings, photographs and trinkets.

Ashley Hendrix’s Painting and Drawing class (Wednesday):
Students studied Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings and used them for inspiration to create their own paintings.

Anne Browne’s Oil Painting class (Monday):
Students looked at the landscapes of Childe Hassam and David Hockney for direction in their own landscapes.

Elizabeth Ashley’s Fabric Arts class (Thursday):
Elizabeth taught the students batik painting in the first day of this class. In the next few weeks, students will also learn a variety of embroidery stitches.


We had a great time at the Blue Dog birthday party last weekend! Students looked at the work of American artist George Rodriguez, left, and painted their own colorful dogs. Wow, look at some of the results, middle and right.